Our Story

We started with humble beginnings as a small group of people who came together out of a shared desire to create an impact on our world— a group of people living out the truth of God’s Word by modeling grace, and by loving and serving others.  Though our journey has included meeting in a physical church building, we call ourselves a “Church Without Walls.”   Because we believe that WE are the church.  

We are excited to get to know you.  Please join us.

Our Purpose

We believe that all people are loved by God and have a divine purpose in His kingdom.  It is our purpose to connect them to the Family of God who is called according to His divine purpose, to Friends that will create a network of support through prayer and fellowship and to Faith to further develop the child of God and give them strength to follow after Jesus with all that is within them. 

Ref. John 3:16,  Eph. 2:19,  ​John 15:12-13, Eph. 3:16-19.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to bring everyone from our community together to better know Jesus. We feel that we are called by a higher power.  Just as it reads in Joshua 1:9 we should not be dismayed for the Lord our God is with us wherever we go. It is quite simply, go out, preach the gospel, love the broken, extend grace, and show the love of Jesus Christ. 

The mission of Calvary Apostolic Church is this: “Loving God. Loving Others. Growing Together through Christ."